Prayers of the Congregation

“Be Opened” at Hephatha Lutheran Church.

Prayers of the Congregation

If you would like to have someone be prayed for and put on the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office or use this prayer request form.

Because we care about the people you care about, we ask that you provide updates when the conditions change or new information becomes available regarding the people for whom you requested prayers. Thank you!

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise:

Faith Surprenant

(returned home from rehab, still has to do physical therapy; she thanks everyone for all the cards and PRAYERS)

Those who are ill, recovering, grieving, or in need:

Speedy recoveries and mild cases for all those who are battling sickness and COVID.

Continuous prayers for all those suffering from cancer and related illnesses.


(friend of Catherine Lagaris; is suffering from an internal infection; prayers for wisdom for the doctors and prayers for strength and healing for Warren)


(Ivana Sumrow’s sister; recently had an MRI to detect possible cancer; prayers for peace, comfort, and strength while she awaits her results)


(Fara Castillo’s mother; recently suffered from a stroke that left her left arm and leg paralyzed; prayers that physical therapy continues to help her regain movement)

Family of Dan Gilliam

(friend of the Letz family; recently passed away; prayers of peace and comfort for the family during this time)


(friend of Lucy Yeager; her son recently passed away unexpectedly; prayers for Laura and all who knew her son)

Family of Helen Stoehr

(Lisa Young’s step mother; recently passed away; prayers for strength, peace, and comfort for the whole family during this time)


(Mike Busby’s mother-in-law; recently put on oxygen due to severe cough; prayers for healing and strength)

Bill Johnson

(friend of the Schleigers; recently suffered a severe stroke; prayers for strength and healing)

Denise Burnett

(recently hospitalized due to lung issues; prayers for strength and healing)

Family of Mickie Reinertson

(Mickie passed away on April 20; prayers of strength, peace, and comfort for his family during this time)

Ruben Arbues

(prayers for strength, peace, and healing while he recovers from having surgery for colon cancer)


(Kevin Kovacs’s mother; prayers for peace and understanding as she moves to a memory care facility)

Family of James Poerschke

(James passed away on April 2; prayers of strength, peace, and comfort for his family during this time)

Roberta Monk

(Melissa Turney’s mother; prayers for healing and peace of mind from a body infection)


(friend of Karin DeVore; recently had back surgery that left her unable to stand or walk; prayers for strength and comfort)

Bob Walters

(recently had surgery; prayers that he recovers well)

Mark Akon

(friend of the Comers; has been battling cancer and has learned that he has additional tumors in his brain; prayers for strength and peace for him)

Mary Neilson

(friend of Janine Schmitt; recently had neck surgery and is in a lot of pain; prayers for strength and healing)

Robert Elwell

(Melissa Turney’s uncle; prayers for healing as he recovers from hip surgery)

Jennifer Gerlach

(recently had a setback in her cancer and is having trouble communicating; praying for comfort and healing)

Mary Lou

(friend of Lisa Reickerd; is on hospice due to stage four cancer; prayers of strength, peace, and comfort for her and her family)

Mary Rath

(friend of Lisa Reickerd; prayers for strength, peace, and comfort as she fights stage four cancer)

Dan Hollar

(Sigrid and Bill Bell’s nephew; prayers of healing and strength as he battles leukemia)

Alex Rogers

(friend of Steve Brackmann; is in need of a heart transplant; prayers for peace, strength, and healing)

Greg Van Ginkel

(friend of Laureene Ernst; recently diagnosed with aggressive ALS; prayers for strength, healing, and peace)


(John Kao’s mother-in-law; suffering from pneumonia that induced heart failure; prayers for the hands of the doctors who will treat her during her heart valve replacement surgery)

Greg Alcantara

(friend of the Jaureguis; battling blood clots and pneumonia and is currently on a ventilator; prayers for strength and healing)

Howard and Louise Worthington

(friends of Dixie and Hank Aschbrenner; both Louise and Howard are suffering from cancer; Louise is bed ridden and Howard is very thin; prayers for peace and comfort for them)

Joan Johanson

(Wendy Stoff’s aunt; recently diagnosed with late stage lung cancer; prayers of strength and peace)

Cariann Mobayed

(was recently diagnosed with breast cancer; prayers of strength and peace for her and her family)

Kariann Voorhees

(her cancer has recently returned as stage 3; praying for strength and comfort)

Gary Wickersham

(friend of Carol Snyder; diagnosed with liver cancer; praying for strength and comfort)

Ed Huff

(Lou and Lois Huff’s son; continued prayers that he recovers from chemotherapy treatments)

Mike Hennings

(Dave Hennings brother; recently diagnosed with ALS; prayers of acceptance and guidance of next steps)


(friend of Shelly Hannon; recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive lung cancer; prayers for strength during this time for Patrick and his family)

Those who are serving in the armed forces:

Brandon Walker

Sgt. Carlos Ortiz

Steven and Kyle Drake

(Lindsay Drake’s cousins)


(Renee Mueller’s brother)

JT Gaumer

(Jan Delaney’s grandson)

Ryan Armstrong

JT Brown

(Cathy Blankenship’s cousin)

Updated every Monday.

All prayer requests are listed for a maximum of six weeks and then removed. Should you wish to continue praying for this request, simply send us an updated Prayer Request. To place someone on the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office at 714-637-0887 ext 155 or Email: