“Be Opened” at Hephatha Lutheran Church.

12:15 pm in Pastor Andrews’ Office

So what’s the deal with this whole Lutheran “thing?” Does it matter? Is it relevant to anybody anymore? If these questions have ever run across your mind, then I want to encourage you to engage in our Foundations classes.

Whether you have been a Lutheran since you were born or aren’t sure what it means to be a Lutheran, this study will highlight some of Lutheranism’s key distinctions that help us see Jesus, the Bible, our calling, and our mission more clearly.

Lutheran Foundations class is open to those who are long-time members, not-so-long-time members, as well as those who would like to make Hephatha their church home.
Come join me on Sundays at 12:15 pm. We will take a look at Martin Luther’s Small Catechism and see how it continues to speak the truth of God’s purpose and love for us.

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