ECE Staff Directory

Early Childhood Staff Directory

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Hephatha Lutheran Church and School’s main number is (714)1637-0887.

When calling, use the following extensions to be directed to the office you are trying to reach:

Church Office:  1

Administration Office:  2

Admissions for ECE-8th:  3

Early Childhood Director:  4



If you wish to contact your student’s teacher, below are the email addresses for each EC faculty member:

Name Position Contact
Eric Deyke Principal
Susana Anderson Director of Early Childhood Education
Hope Glennon Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Deena Knudsen Director of Admissions and Student Relations
Jennifer Glicker Resource Specialist
Stefanie Deming Director of School Music
Morgan Coburn Instrumental Music
Teri Couch EC Lead Teacher, Rm 8
Adrine Gasimyan EC Teacher, Rm 7
Kim Hughes EC Teacher, Rm 6
Peggy Farner EC Teacher, Rm 5
Debbie Fry EC Teacher, Rm 5
Jenny Guerra EC Teacher, Rm 4
Regina Siegel EC Teacher, Rm 3
Rosie Lum EC Teacher, Rm 2
Sue Smith EC Teacher, Rm 2
Darla Rogers EC Teacher, Rm 1
Carol Campbell EC PAC Teacher
Kimi Lasiewski EC Outdoor Teacher
Christina Muro EC Teacher Aide
Pam Cooper EC Teacher Aide