Parental Controls


Parental Controls

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The following short information sheets will show you how to activate and configure Google’s Parental Control feature on Chromebook computers.

  • Removing All User Accounts From A Chromebook – To use Chrome Parental Controls, the parent needs to log in to a Chromebook with a “Manager” account.  If you were not the first to use your Chromebook, it may become necessary to wipe all users from this machine and create a new manager or owner account.
  • Creating Managed Users – The Chrome Parental Control feature allows parents to limit which websites can be accessed by their students.  When using Parental Controls, you create a list of allowed websites which your child can view on hits/her Chromebook.
  • Adding Websites to the Approved List– A managed user (student) can only access websites which have been included in the allowed list by the manager (parent) of that user’s account.


Thanks to Christ, Costa Mesa – Technology Director