Library/Computer Lab

The computer lab has 25 Dell Pent. IV PCs with LCD monitors, 1 color laser printer, 1 projector, 1 scanner and a digital camera.

Our computers use Windows XP and Microsoft Office (Publisher, PowerPoint, Word and Excel). Beginning in the 2nd grade and continuing through 8th grade the students use Jump Start Typing, Typer Shark, and Mavis Beacon to improve their typing skills. Other software we use is Sunburst, Jumpstarts, Carmen SanDiego, Arthur, The Learning Co., and Mecc software.

All 8 classrooms are equipped with Promethean boards and projectors. Each classroom is equipped with computers and projectors where additional research and word processing is done.

All of the computers on campus are linked with a server and have access to high speed internet access along with our security features. At the beginning of the year each student is asked to sign an internet/computer lab user agreement policy. Every student is expected to respect the school policy of the computer lab/school and internet usage. Violation of the policy and abuse of the internet will result in computer and internet restrictions.

Library Information

Students visit the library once a week and are able to check out 2 books. Kinders are read to in the library. We have a 7000 book library.

Our interactive reading achievement program is READING COUNTS! It is very similar to AR. After reading a book students take a comprehensive test on the book they have read and if they answer a certain percentage correctly they pass.