K-8TH Staff Directory


K-8th Staff Directory

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Hephatha Lutheran Church and School’s main number is (714)1637-0887.

When calling, use the following extensions to be directed to the office you are trying to reach:

Church Office:  1

Administration Office:  2

Admissions for ECE-8th:  3

Early Childhood Director:  4



If you wish to contact your student’s teacher, below are the email addresses for each K-8th faculty member:

Name Position Contact
Eric Deyke Principal edeyke@hephatha.net
Hope Glennon Administrative Assistant to the Principal hglennon@hephatha.net or hephatha@hephatha.net
Deena Knudsen Director of Admissions & Student Relations HephathaEC8@hephatha.net
Nikki Bo International Admissions Director nbo@hephatha.net or hephatha@hephatha.net
Morgan Coburn Instrumental Music mcoburn@hephatha.net
Jennifer Glicker Resource Specialist jglicker@hephatha.net
Stefanie Deming Director of School Music sdeming@hephatha.net
Megan Tovaas School Age Care hephathasac@hephatha.net
Nick Gaspar Middle School Math Teacher ngaspar@hephatha.net
Hillary Williams Kindergarten Teacher hwilliams@hephatha.net
Karen Dueker 1st Grade Teacher kdueker@hephatha.net
Linda Staake 2nd Grade Teacher lstaake@hephatha.net
Robyne Kajszo 3rd Grade Teacher rkajszo@hephatha.net
Brianna Castillo 4th Grade Teacher bcastillo@hephatha.net
Melanie Hays 5th Grade Teacher mhays@hephatha.net
Tyler Mattlin 6th Grade Teacher tmattlin@hephatha.net
Katie Jacobi 7th Grade Teacher kjacobi@hephatha.net
Erin Fitzgerald 7th Grade Teacher efitzgerald@hephatha.net
Paul Duerr Athletic Director and 8th Grade Teacher pduerr@hephatha.net