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What filters will be in place to stop my child from looking at disagreeable material?

Students’ access to the internet on campus will be run through a filtering process, which will not allow students to visit inappropriate sites or objectionable material. Other sites not allowed to be visited while on Hephatha’s firewall filter include social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. While we do rely on a firewall filter, it is still possible, albeit rare, for inappropriate materials to be accessed. An important part of internet security is parental education that focuses on communication to your child, with their regards to the internet and social networking.

Will I be able to install personal software for home use?

The Chromebook device is not capable of installing personal software. Its strengths come in the form of internet access and apps that are available for downloading. Personal apps are available for downloading, as long as they do not become a distraction in class. In fact, we encourage the downloading of certain apps that help facilitate or aid in the academic growth of the students.

What type of maintenance needs to be done on the Chromebook?

Very little maintenance is needed on the Chromebook. Each time you turn on your Chromebook it goes through its own system upgrade, insuring your device has the latest system upgrades, apps, and features. If trouble does occur with the Chromebook, a device upgrade usually solves these issues; in addition, the reboot of the Chromebook takes just 8 seconds. If a problem continues to occur in class, your student should simply alert the teacher, so that a staff member can address the issue.

What do you do if the Chromebook breaks, or is damaged?

The Chromebook comes with a one year warranty and one year of technical support. However, this protection only covers original manufacture defects, and will not apply to any damage caused by the user. Accidental damage insurance can be purchased through a third party vendor. These policies are available for one to four years and include all forms of damage or lost. Companies such as Square Trade (http://www.squaretrade.com) or Worth Ave. Group (http://www.worthavegroup.com) sell accidental insurance policies.  For more information, click here.

What happens if my child does not have battery power for school?

Students are required to recharge their Chromebook each evening using their power adapter. The day’s activities may be interrupted if the Chrombook is not completely charged and ready for the day. The Chromebook battery life averages 8 hours, so it should be able to make it through the school day with a full charge. Chromebooks can be plugged into the school’s Chromebook Charging Station during morning and afternoon breaks, lunch, and other times during which the Chromebook is not needed.

What happens if my child forgets his/her Chromebook at home?

The same rules will apply when your child forgets their Chromebook, as when a child forgets to bring textbooks, homework, and other materials to school. The Chromebook will be a necessary part of learning every day, so it very important that they bring them, fully charged and ready for learning.

Will my student still experience “traditional” learning using textbooks?

The answer to this question is yes! Hephatha Lutheran Church and School relies on, and is dedicated to, the distinct blend of “traditional” learning and the technology that is needed for the 21st Century Learner. Hephatha teachers are trained to use this blend of technology and “traditional” learning to educate the student in a manner that aligns to the Hephatha Core Standards. Teachers and students will use traditional textbooks and online learning to help create a hearty curriculum that is more than what is available through textbooks only.

Should I buy the 3G or the Wifi mode?

We recommend you do not purchase the 3G model Chromebook. It is our hope that you child uses it primarily for school work while on campus or at home. A wireless network through some form of wireless router is needed to have access to internet at home. If you decide to buy the 3G model, the price is usually about $80.00 more. Data plans can also become expensive if you use 3G frequently.  For more information, click here.

What if I do not have wireless internet at home?

Some of the school homework will require internet use at home. The online activity of the Chromebook is only accessible through a wireless connection. If you do not have a wireless router set up in your residence, you can still access the Google drive system through your hard line internet access source. Each student is able to access their Google drive account through a variety of technology platforms. If you do not have an internet source in your home, your student may need to come to school earlier than when school starts, or stay after school in the afternoon if needed.  Your student can meet with his/her teacher to make such arrangements.

How much will the Chromebook be used throughout the school day?

The Chromebook will be used throughout the day, as appropriate. Students will participate in traditional classroom activities that do not involve the use of technology. They will also engage in learning activities that involve both traditional and technology use. Lastly, students will at times work solely with the Chromebook for certain academic content standards.

How can I be sure my child will not waste time at school playing games and staying off-task searching the internet?

Teachers will clearly-provide the students with their expectations of proper and improper use of the Chromebooks. Teachers will also supervise, to the best of their ability, the use of the Chromebook to help ensure the students remain on task. Much like other learning environments, students will also be held accountable to stay on task and use their technology tools productively for class activities and assignments.


Thanks to Christ, Costa Mesa for sharing Chromebook information!