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Keep in touch, Roadrunners!

We know you are very busy, but you must understand that from the moments your parents entrusted Hephatha with your education, you became a part of our family.  You will always be a part of this family: as preschoolers, college grads, new parents, grandparents…always.

Many of you have either just graduated, are getting ready to graduate, or have already started careers.   Some of you might even be engaged to be married, or are preparing for a Mission trip.  Whatever it is that God has placed in your life, we are so proud of you…we take your struggles, successes and endeavors to heart, and hope you will include us in those things so that we can continue to be here to help you along life’s way.

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We will continue to pray for you, and we think of you often; we hope that, likewise, you will remember each class of your Hephatha Family in your prayers.  Below is a pic of this year’s class:

Class of 16 Alumni Updates


Calling All Alumni!

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