Mission Possible

Mission Possible Big
Our mission is to help the members of Hephatha Lutheran Church become the hands and feet of Christ, to let our deeds, more than our words, become a compelling testimony of the gospel to our neighbors.

We carry out our mission in many different ways.

  1. We supplied backpacks filled with school supplies for children who’s parents.
  2. We helped a family for several months by purchasing baby formula and diapers for their newborn.
  3. We purchased a Christmas Tree and decorations for a family who couldn’t afford to do it themselves.
  4. We paid various families electric, gas, or phone bills when the parent’s had been laid off from their jobs.
  5. We paid for a night in a hotel for a family who was homeless.
  6. We provided gifts and gift cards at Christmas for families.

These are just a few ways in which Mission Possible has reached out to help. None of this would be possible without your generous donations and helping hands and feet.
If you are interested in supporting Mission Possible please contact Catherine Lagaris or Janine Schmitt at 714 637-0887.